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Make Your Book Title Sell More Books, P1
by: Earma Brown

Tap Into the Natural Book Writer Inside You!Does your book title still sound like a working title? Most working titles should never make it through the final edit. Titles are one of the most important aspects of your book. Getting this aspect wrong could mean your book never receives all the attention your message deserves.

Researchers say a dud title versus a sizzler title can cause your book to plummet or soar in sales. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and book's success to develop your best title. After all, the better your title -the more people will reach out- and grab your book to read. Develop your book title to have top seller status.

To make sure your book garners all the attention it deserves, start with one of the top ten book title sizzlers below:

Use Concept and Memes to Connect Instantly.
One of the leading rules of developing a sizzling title is to aim for a concept, a memes, a word, or phrase that tell a story that your readers can immediately connect with and want to associate with. Names that tell a story, or express a benefit, are memes. They are words or visual images that tell a story at a glance.

As a primer to developing your own title, visit Sears and look at the brand names of their proprietary products. The short names of these products are concepts; that tell a story in an instant. At a glance you get it.
You understand the message. Examples, include Diehard batteries, Weather-Beater paints and Craftsman tools. Each products name is a concept. Think about it, which product would you be attracted to "Diehard" or "Stop Slow". Or would you choose tools with the name "Apprentice" or "Craftsman?"


Many successful books are based on concepts or memes. For example, "A Happy Pocket Full of Money" by David Cameron tells a story of happiness and money. From the title you know this book is going to be about getting more money in your pocket.

The Chicken Soup series instantly brings images of comfort and being cared for. It resonated with a whole generation of Americans that have bought the book into the hundreds of thousands. The Dummies series communicate anyone can read one of these books because you don't have to know anything to get it. People automatically know the book will somehow make the complex simple to understand.

When developing your title, think of a concept, a meme, or phrase, that tell a story that your readers will instantly understand and want to be a part of. You may ask where are the benefits you're always telling me to include. The benefits are still a part of the meme title but a suggestive part. Your mind will fill in the benefit because it's an understood part of the story. For example:

Chicken Soup brings the comfort and care of good stories. Pocket Full of Money know how to get a pocket full of money and gain happiness. Dummies communicates you don't have to be an expert to understand the book.

Don't forget when creating your title, your possibilities are limitless. Choose a title that is flexible enough to be expanded into more than one book. Think series, including other information products that can be developed and sold from your website.

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