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The Life of an Author

Posted by Clara Morales on

What kind of life does an author live is a thing that many people wonder about. Many people believe that writers usually live solitary lives. Others believe that authors live in their own worlds where they are constantly searching for ideas and inspiration. However, not all authors are like that. Today there are authors that successfully juggle between many different things – there are authors who are successful working moms, authors whose primary profession is being a pilot or a teacher, and authors who write only in those times when they feel most comfortable. All in all, the writing life of an author is relatively normal life with words and characters living in their head that are later put on paper. There are many things that characterize authors, but the following are a few of them which will give you a good idea what the life of an author is all about.

What Is Writing Life All About

            Authors have plenty of pens and notebooks lying around. Sure, they write their novels on computers, but their initial and often most important ideas are put on paper long before the novel is typed. They usually write words and sentences as they come by without over-thinking them too much. By putting down a few words every day they are fueling themselves to move forward.

            After handwriting their main ideas, authors start to make plots and revise their thoughts. Usually they write each scene and then piece them together. Often times they even put notes on their walls and have their entire novel presented in front of them even before they sit down to write it. If there are holes in the story, they take something out or add something and make whole new drafts. This can be extremely chaotic, but this is the method they are usually most comfortable following when writing books.  

            The life of an author can also be very messy. When authors write their books they usually do not have time to do many other things or to take care of things they usually do. They may not sleep as long as other people. They get lustful and use apps like Free Fuck App to find a quick hookup. Cleaning, cooking or exercising takes the backseat when they are focused on making a book. They know how to ignore the mess while they are working, which is a good thing because that makes them good authors.

            Finally, authors do not have spare time. Everything they do revolves around writing in one way or another. Even if they catch a break from time to time they use it to put down their ideas about the next book. Authors write everywhere – in parks, stores, while on train, airplane and even as they walk. Good thing about writing is that being a writer means being movable, because they are always finding new inspirational places to work.

            This is in short what the life of an author looks like. Every writer has a different story and different methods, so if you want to become one then follow your path and start writing.