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The Books to Look Forward to in 2019

Posted by Clara Morales on

Springtime is finally here and this is a period in the year when many people go outside, spend time in parks and relax by reading good books. There are many incredible books that will leave a good mark in this year 2019 and many books are yet to come out. Good thing is that you have good choice and there is something for everybody. Picking the top books to read can be quite difficult because different people have different tastes when it comes to books. However, we have selected a few good books to look forward to reading in 2019. They are the following.

  • ‘The Island of Sea Women’ – Lisa See

This historical, romantic, and heartbreaking book will definitely keep your attention. It is about women living in Jeju Island in Korea that go on free-diving and enjoy their time. This fictional story follows two friends that try to stay close, despite their friendship being tested all the time due to family rivalries, wars, and other problems.

  • ‘My Lovely Wife’ – Samantha Downing

This thriller book is inspired by real events that happened back in 1977. It follows the story about a husband and wife that will accidentally commit murder. That murder will bring adrenaline rush and light up their relationship, which in turn will make them more dangerous for the society.

This novel brings the story about a mother and daughter and their recipe for making gingerbread. That recipe follows them through all their years, but if you want to learn more about what the novel is about it is advisable you read it. There is a mysterious twist that will make you read page after page.

  • ‘Sing to It’ – Amy Hempel

This book contains 15 different short stories that are very thoughtful and easy to read. All of them will boost your compassion and will make you think about different things in life. It is a great book with great moral stories.

  • ‘The Moment of Lift’ – Melinda Gates

This is first book of Melinda Gates, where you will get informed about how she has become one of the richest and most powerful females in the world. Married to Bill Gates, she and her husband have done many great things for the society, so here you will learn her secrets and life lessons.

  • ‘The Learning Curve’ – Mandy Berman

This book follows the love triangle of two friends with their college professor. It is an exciting story where you will get familiar with the problems and identity issues that the college friends are facing in life. Dark, mysterious and shocking story will make you want more.

  • ‘The Bride Test’ – Helen Hoang

The Bride Test is a story of man that has autism, constantly wondering and questioning whether he will find true love in his life. He will meet a person that will change his life, but the things will become even more complicated after that.