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Top Novel Books You Should Have on Your Bucket List

Posted by Clara Morales on

Many people know that reading is important for a better life. It helps us gain knowledge, makes us sharp, and helps us understand our environment and society. Reading is, however, not something that everyone does every single day. Some people prefer watching TV and movies, while others prefer to stay at home or just spend time with their friends. These people, however, need to read more. A good book is a good alternative to any kind of entertainment. It will make you focus on every word and will help you learn something new. Here are some top novel books that you should add to your bucket list.

• Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations is a novel about a young orphan named Pip, who is sent to live with the wealthy Miss Havisham, who has a strange obsession with the bandit-turned-hero Azteca. The story follows Pip’s adventures as he learns of the riches of the world and the great expectations that come with it.

• Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind is a Pulitzer-prize-winning novel written by Margaret Mitchell. Written between 1936 and 1940, the novel is set in Atlanta, Georgia, during the American Civil War and Reconstruction. The story focuses on the development and dissolution of the romantic relationship between Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of a prominent plantation family in Georgia, and Rhett Butler, a handsome, bold, and daring gentleman from a prominent family of Charleston, South Carolina.

• Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

Stegner’s novel Angle of Repose is a haunting tale about a family wrestling with the consequences of incest. It is also about the erosion of the American family, about the loss of community, and about the disintegration of morality. It is about the ability of people to survive and about the endurance of the human spirit.