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It’s easy to write your first, second and third book quickly, if you know how. You want to impact your generation and the ones to come with your insightful message. Read on, only if you are interested in gaining life long multiple streams of income. If you want your credibility ratings with your clients to soar upward or if you want to change your life implement the steps in this book and write your own significant, saleable book...Click Here to Receive Insightful Book Writing Tips to Jumpstart Writing Your Book Now!


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Why Write a Book?


Write a book and give a greater understanding of life. Have you been gifted with a deep understanding of life? Put small excerpts of your understanding throughout your book. Sprinkle your quotes along with other famous philosophers or world thinkers within your book.



Writing ranks among the top 10 percent of professions in terms of prestige.

--Jean Strouse, as quoted in Newsweek


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How to Write A Book?

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Dear Aspiring Author: I'm here to help you write a book. Now is the time to start planning your future as AUTHOR...


How to Write a Book in the Year 2011!Do you need help writing a book that helps you cross the finish line of profits? If so, you're in the right place. You'll find all kinds of book writing help right here on this website designed just for YOU.


Also, did you know for some the number 13 symbolizes advantage, God's extra portion'? Why not choose the year 2013 as the right time to complete your book and gain the advantage of success as Author or just start your very own book journey?

Now is a perfect time to start. I am busy reinspiring and revising some of my early books and programs. I co-partnered with a few more people in publishing ventures, added some new Web 2.0 Author Marketing services to my service portfolio and the novel is still on the back burner. I am finishing up new programs and Come on! I can't wait for you but I can lead the way... Consultants, infopreneurs, speakers, service business professionals, writers, do you want to:

  • Get your significant message out to the world through writing a significant book?
  • solve the problems in your field - like you know you can through writing a book and getting your solutions to paper?
  • Gain the prestige of Author behind your name?
  • Attract more targeted leads through successfully completing your book and releasing it to the world.
  • Create additional income streams that pour into your life forever -- all because you took that leap of faith & completed your book.
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FEATURE ARTICLE: How to Write a Book Tips
Why Write a Book This Year?


Have you been dreaming about writing your book this year? According to a recent survey the New York Times reported, 81% of people feel that they have a book in them and should write it. Why not join the list of authors who acted on that thought?


Writing a book is a great way to position you to charge higher fees, create additional income streams and go on more vacations. A book will expand your exposure, add credibility and increase your opportunities for adventure. Still not convinced? Here are 7 more dreamy reasons you should write a book now:


1. Write a book now; for now is better than later. Kill procrastination by acting now. Sign up for a good book writing course? Read a book about book writing. Sketch out your book writing plan. Remember you become a successful author the minute you start moving toward your worthwhile book goal. I don't know anyone that regrets they wrote a book. But I know plenty of people that regret they didn't do it sooner.


2. Write a book and extend your reach to the world. When your book is ready for purchase, many people will get it from all over the world. With your extended reach, opportunities for you to interact with people outside of your local area will come. Write a good book; make it easy for your subscribers and customers to tell their friends and associates. Remember, referrals always make the best customers and bring a higher rate of sales.


3. Write a book and go places you've never gone. At the least, your book will travel to countries and places you've never gone. Better yet, add speaking about your book's topic to your list of services and watch new doors and opportunities for you open. Either way, writing your book will open opportunities to go places you may not get to go any other way.

4. Write a book and create multiple income streams. Don't just plan a one book event but plan a series of books. It's important to expand your thinking to the possibilities after your book is published. Plan to produce articles, books and updates that help your readers and help you profit from your passion. Each new book or related material will create new profit opportunities, further enhance your visibility and reinforce your credibility as an expert.


5. Write a book and become famous. Grow your name to fame. Write a book filled with success experiences that motivate your audience to give more, do more or share more. Share your experiences to inspire your audience. Share how you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in your field. It will motivate your audience to think if you did it; they can do it too.


6. Write a book and make your mother proud. Intertwine stories into your non-fiction manuscript. Entertain your audience, make them laugh; they'll love you for it. Best of all, your family, your friends and your mother will be so proud to tell all their friends about your book.


7. Write a book and get paid higher fees. Writing a book elevates you to expert level. You gain instant credibility just by having author behind your name? And that added credibility gives you the power to increase your fees to expert level up to 400% and more.


Are you ready to join the ranks of successful authors? You don't have to call your family to tell them you'll be late again today. You won't even have to pull in more people to help you work harder. I can't think of a more opportune way to change your bottom line and even your life than by writing a book. Go ahead; write your best book now and prosper.


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Discover Easy Steps on How to Write a Book Fast! "The first step is to find out what you love -- and don't be practical about it. The second step is to start doing what you love immediately, in any small way possible. I've seen what happens to people when they get to do what they love. They light up. They glow. They have a kind of energy that's wonderful."
Barbara Sher


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